Friends of St Crispins Cemetery - Update

Friends of St Crispins Cemetery - Update

We have formed this group to bring the cemetery back to a good standard and the on-going project has been allied to Upton Parish Council to ensure continued support for our local heritage. Northampton Borough Council are also involved, as the owners of the land, and both councils have offered help, as required.

The St Crispin Hospital was opened in 1876 and was known as the County Lunatic Asylum. The hospital remained open until 1995 but during the war years 1916 – 1919, it was under the control of the War Office treating the servicemen of the Great War.

We have established, through research at the County Records Office, that 2265 burials were carried out between 1928 and 1975. There is evidence that foreign soldiers were treated at the hospital, but we have not yet identified if any were actually buried there. We have uncovered a total of 293 plaques which will require some work to ensure their preservation.

We are looking for more members to join the group: not just to help with minor works but from people who are interested in helping us build a comprehensive record. We already have some members with a good knowledge of the Hospital and welcome any of you to join us.

In the first instance, please contact:
Alan Bottwood (Northampton Borough Councillor for Upton)
Tel: 07777 672634
or email -

Posted: Mon, 02 Dec 2019 10:11 by Michelle Orpin

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