Speed Reminder Signs to be installed in Upton Parish

Speed Reminder Signs to be installed in Upton Parish

Upton Parish Council has a project which was included in its 2019/2020 budget to procure and install speed reminder signs. The technology now allows for the option of a removable sign, which gives greater flexibility to be used at various locations around the Parish, which suffer from poor driver speed awareness.

As part of a review, UPC approached a provider of the signs and took the option to trial a sign in one location to look at its operation and the data features contained within it. UPC was approached by Marina Park Residents Association, concerned about the speed of traffic using the Kent Road route. It was therefore decided that the trial of the unit would be placed along this road. Members of the residents association assist in installing the sign and data collection, along with Cllr Holt who has been leading on the project. The weeks trial has provided some initial comments on the sign operation and position, which we took forward as part of the procurement of a sign.

The location of the sign in Kent Road was positioned to remind drivers of their speed entering the estate for half a week and turned to warn drivers of travelling southbound over 30 mph for the reminder of the week. The sign recorded that the average daily total of vehicles using the route in either direction was around the 1300. The average speed recorded above the 30 mph was 39 mph and a the highest speed during the week was 45 mph traveling southbound. Once the signs are used over along periods wider data reviews and discussions with the Police can take place.

During the October Parish Council meeting is was agreed that two signs will be ordered and used in various locations across the area.

Posted: Mon, 28 Oct 2019 07:46 by Michelle Orpin

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