Upton Community Rally to replace vandalised Silent Soldier

Upton Community Rally to replace vandalised Silent Soldier

At the beginning of August, to mark the 100 days to go until the 100th anniversary of the Armistice marking the end of The Great War, the Duston Branch of the Royal British Legion decorated Upton with a wonderful display of poppies, hanging baskets and 6 "Silent Soldiers" with the support of Upton Parish Council.

The 100 days until the end of the war was a significant phase in the conflict which had taken its toll on many whose lives were lost in over 4 years of heavy warfare fought from the trenches of France and Belgium. Just about everyone will have had a relative that was impacted in some way by the conflict. Early on Saturday morning one of the Silent Soldiers, The Stretcher Bearer, was moved from its location near the bottom of the High Street and vandalised. As news of the damage spread on social media, it became clear that rather than bemoaning this senseless act of destruction, the community swung into action to remediate the situation. Just over 24 hours later, £250 had been raised to replace the Silent Soldier, in no small part due a significant donation by BHL Aerials, and other generous individual benefactors.

From the Duston branch of the Royal British Legion, Poppy Appeal Organiser Darrin Stevens was central to the efforts in raising and co-ordinating the necessary funds, liaising with the suppliers and arranging for the damaged one to be removed and a new one installed. This community spirit is really good to see and makes us all proud to be associated with, and live in, Upton.

Posted: Wed, 05 Sep 2018 07:53 by Michelle Orpin

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