Upton Parish Council

Serving the people of Upton

St Michael's Church

Clerk: Nina Villa
PO Box 1564, Northampton

Cllr Robert Barrett

Cllr Robert Barrett

Upton Parish Council
58 Cozens Road
SG12 7HJ
  • Born and bred in Northampton I have lived in various parts of the town over the years before settling into the St Crispin development with my long-term partner and our three children (all of whom are now adults) in 2008. I have been self-employed for over 25 years and hold firm views in relation to consistency, transparency, accountability and impartiality whilst prompting/supporting/endorsing the delivery of goods and services that not only meet but exceed expectation.
  • An accomplished entrepreneur with over 30 years' experience in the Print/Stationery/Paper/Consumables industries, able to self-motivate or work within a team environment. Proven leadership skills (with an emphasis on sales) involving managing, developing and motivating teams to achieve full potential and objectives. Always keen to explore further options in creative and innovative ventures and actively seeks opportunities and approaches from individuals and companies alike.
  • Direct, no nonsense approach who does not entertain or suffer fools and laggards lightly
  • My favoured mantra is: "There are those who say that they will do a lot – then there are those who actually do a lot!"
  • In becoming a publicly elected member I look forward to the challenges ahead and to drive the transition to an impartial, elected council to champion and aid the community