Upton Parish Council

Serving the people of Upton

St Michael's Church

Clerk: Nina Villa
PO Box 1564, Northampton

Cllr D Huffadine-Smith

Cllr D Huffadine-Smith

Member of the Planning and Development Committee

Upton Parish Council
58 Cozens Road
SG12 7HJ
  • Retired from full-time employment - mainly local government, public utilities and private housing.
  • Work experience included design, supervision & management of construction of infrastructure projects focusing on housing & industrial developments, strategic highways & motorways, sewerage, storm drainage, flood risk alleviation, planning liaison etc.
  • Forward looking outlook focusing on the longer term interests of the community in Upton and West Northampton
  • Finds small mindedness, navel gazing and failure to plan ahead or grasp opportunities to be thoroughly irksome.
  • Politically independent, despises any party politics that seeks to put self interest or party interest before those of the people.